LLC Consulting group Maxima
 Description of serviceUnit of measurementMinimum cost
of service, UAH
Minimum additional expenses of client, UAH
Registration of enterprises and entrepreneurs
Registration of juridical person
 Registration of juridical person (irrespective of the number of its shareholders)Service1,000.00800.00
 Registration of amendments to constituent documents (not connected with change of address or name)Service600.00200.00
 Registration of amendments to constituent documents (connected with change of address or name)Service800.00400.00
Registration of natural person-entrepreneur
 Registration at the registration chamberService400.00194.00
 Registration at the tax inspection, obtainment of the single tax payer certificate
 Registration at the pension fund
 Registration of registry of earnings form 10
 Registration of labour contracts at the employment centreService150.00---
Other registration services
 Opening of current account (preparation of documents, following client to the notary and bank)Service150.00Costs of notary's services and bank costs
 Registration as a VAT payerService200.00---
 Obtainment / amendment of reference from the statistics boardService100.0075.00
 Obtainment of data from the Uniform State Register: statement, extract, referenceService150.0022.00
 Obtainment of a single tax payer certificateService150.00Rate of single tax
 Obtainment of sealService100.00480.00
 Entity data confirmation at the registration chamberService150.00---
Obtainment of licences and permits
 Obtainment of licence for trading alcoholic drinks and tobacco products (for Kharkov)Service1,000.00Individually
Registration of commercial labels
 Registration of trade markService500.00Individually
Reorganization and liquidation of enterprises / entrepreneurs
 Liquidation of juridical personService2,500.00Individually
 Reorganization of juridical person (transformation, allotment, separation, merger, joining)Service5,000.00Individually
 Liquidation of natural person-entrepreneurService1,500.00Individually
Registration of issues of securities
 Registration of issue of securitiesService7,000.00Individually
 Regular reporting of the securities issuerService4,500.00Included into the cost of the service
 Reporting of special information of the securities issuerService170.00Publication cost
Keeping book and tax records for enterprises and entrepreneurs
 Keeping records for natural person-entrepreneur without employeesMonth150.00---
 Keeping records for natural person-entrepreneur with employeesMonth300.00---
 Keeping records for juridical personMonth800.00---
 Filing reportsReport70.00---
 Translation from English into Russian / UkrainianPage30.00Costs of notary's services
 Translation from Russian / Ukrainian into EnglishPage35.00Costs of notary's services
 Verbal and written legal adviceHour150.00---
 Representation of client's interests before state bodies (law enforcement agencies, supervisory bodiesHour150.00---
 Complex legal audit (due diligence)Hour150.00---
 Operative business protection (also from the raider actions of the third persons)Hour150.00---
 Regular legal adviceHour150.00---
 Preparation of draft contractsService300.00---
 Preparation of draft complex or mixed contractsService600.00---
 Anti-collecting activityHour150.00---
 Execution of court decisionsServiceFrom 5%, but at least 500.00---
Services in the sphere of trial proceedings
 Preparation of plaints, recalls, claims, complaints, etc.Service500.00---
 Participation in the first sitting of the court under the condition of a plaint or recall preparationService150.00---
 Participation in the sitting of the court (except the first one)Service500.00---
 Participation in the failed sitting of the courtService250.00---
 Bankruptcy of juridical persons and natural persons-entrepreneursService20,000.00---
 Collection of debtsServiceAgreed price---
 Assistance in the land and real estate operationsServiceAgreed price---

Our banking details:
USREOI 35349794
account no. 26004499291500 at JSB "UkrSibbank", city of Kharkov
MFO 351005
A payer of single tax at the rate of 5%

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